Highgate Common

I decided to take in some of the Staffordshire Wildlife nature reserves in my training. It kind of made sense, some I haven’t been to for a while, some I haven’t been to at all, and as long as I’m cycling I can go wherever I like. Admittedly, riding around the outskirts of them doesn’t … More Highgate Common


Have I ever told you how this whole cycling thing is going to be a roaring success? Of course not. I wouldn’t want to lie to you. But it was pointed out to me that my last post sounded a little bit defeatest, like I was on the verge of giving up, and I wouldn’t … More Pessimism


Did I mention that this whole cycle ride thing was going to be a disaster? I did, I know I did, but I haven’t mentioned it for a while, and I worry that this might have given some people the impression that I might manage to do it, or that I may survive the ordeal. … More Optimism

Grey Beard

There was a grey man. He had grey hair, and a grey beard. He drove a grey car, and the clouds above him were grey. He was a man not quite ready to get out of bed, not quite ready to face the day. He chuckled at a joke that wasn’t even funny, the best … More Grey Beard

Killer Wales

I had a plan for the second day in Wales. It was a plan that would see me cycling alongside the two reservoirs, out of the southern end of the Brecon Beacons, up a road to the top again and back. It was a long journey, far longer than I have managed so far, but … More Killer Wales