The Big Day

Cometh the hour, cometh the man, they say. They said it a long time ago, because nobody speaks like that anymore. This particular man came an hour before he was due to cycle, to breathe in the atmosphere. It was a good job I did because I was feeling very much like I had been … More The Big Day

One Week

It’s now the final week before the big event, and this weekend, a bank holiday no less, was the perfect opportunity to get some big miles in, to learn the lessons I have yet to learn and to mentally prepare myself. Last week I finally rose above the 30-mile mark, by marking out a route … More One Week

The Secret Weapon

“You’re welcome to it if you want it”. I needed all the help I could get, and this was almost a gift from the gods. I did want it. It was a cloudy day, so it couldn’t glint in the sunshine like a two-wheeled Excalibur as I approached it, but it was close enough. It … More The Secret Weapon

Highgate Common

I decided to take in some of the Staffordshire Wildlife nature reserves in my training. It kind of made sense, some I haven’t been to for a while, some I haven’t been to at all, and as long as I’m cycling I can go wherever I like. Admittedly, riding around the outskirts of them doesn’t … More Highgate Common


Have I ever told you how this whole cycling thing is going to be a roaring success? Of course not. I wouldn’t want to lie to you. But it was pointed out to me that my last post sounded a little bit defeatest, like I was on the verge of giving up, and I wouldn’t … More Pessimism


Did I mention that this whole cycle ride thing was going to be a disaster? I did, I know I did, but I haven’t mentioned it for a while, and I worry that this might have given some people the impression that I might manage to do it, or that I may survive the ordeal. … More Optimism